“Coming from a DIY background, I am drawn to working with my two hands and understanding how things work. In my practice I focus on materials, textures and sustainable design and make them meet in my creations. I like change and can solve problems on various scales. My motto is: make sustainability attractive! As I recognize that we vote with our wallets and we buy with our eyes. As a digital native every project gets assessed to what degree can it be done by or with the help of a machine of digital fabrication.’’

Kristiyan is a Bulgarian born, Rotterdam based product designer exploring the link between the aesthetic and the practical. In his work he often uses the means of digital fabrication to achieve form language that is otherwise difficult to reproduce by hand. Understanding the need to transition to sustainable practices in design and manufacturing is what sparked his interest in material research and circular economy. He sees the designer as the medium between the industry, environment and market who is capable of translating sustainable practices into attractive products. between the two majors.