• Year 2020, In progres
  • Dimensions 570x270x90cm
  • Material: Beech plywood, pine
  • Photo courtesy: Kristyan Dyankov
Ambition is the driving force for all creators, this is also the name of the fashion studio that has commissioned us to work on this project. For a new showroom we designed this three dimensional wall piece, which attracts the attention to the interior of the store as well as once in front, it focuses the attention to the defined boxed clothes displays. The choice of material and color is passive - wood and white walls with the idea that the clothes are what is giving the color. This design has more than 1400 single elements with unique length and position. The design is a product of systems of information that allows for this complex geometry to be manufactured and assembled. Variations can be obtained within minutes thanks to the smart information stream management, providing us with detailed calculations.

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